Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada

Deciding where you want to pursue your higher education can be tedious, given that there are various countries which are known for their good education systems. When figuring out where to study abroad, consultants can assist you in making the right decision.

Statistics convey that Canada proves to be one of the best destinations for studying abroad. This is because, unlike most countries, Canada is very well-rounded in many aspects. Listed below are ten reasons why this is the perfect location for international students.

Study in Canada

Education Standards

Canada is currently ranked as one of the best countries in the world with regard to its quality of education. Institutions such as the University of Toronto are ranked among the top 20 universities in the world according to US News. Ranging from the stunning campuses to the various extracurricular options, Canadian universities provide you with a holistic experience.


When compared with other English-speaking countries, it becomes clear that Canada provides you with lower tuition fees. The various university options guarantee that regardless of what your budget is, you will find an option that caters to your needs.


Canada is ranked among the top 10 safest countries to live in according to the Global Peace Index. This is due to the low crime rates, student security and student health benefits. All these factors work together to guarantee a safe environment for foreign students studying in Canada.

Research Opportunities

A large amount of attention is placed on research in most programs provided by universities in Canada. Students are encouraged to carry out various experiments in order to obtain more study experience. The efficiency of these research opportunities makes itself apparent in the emergence of fascinating discoveries that have been made by these universities. An example of such a discovery is a device that enhances cancer detection.

Quality of Life

Canada is known to be the best country in the world for its quality of life. Canadian cities like Montreal are said to be one of the best cities for students, as is made evident through the new QS ranking of the world’s best student cities.


The environment in Canada is extremely multicultural. This is because the people in Canada come from various ethnic groups, all of which entail different lifestyles and cultures. This particular type of environment boosts peaceful living, thereby ensuring that you embrace the country’s diversity in the same way that its people embrace you. This in turn opens you up to treasured experiences as a student. The many cultural festivals that take place over the course of the year provide you with a good opportunity to fit in as an international student.


Both the French and English languages are spoken in Canada as it is a bilingual country. This, therefore, provides international students with the ability to expand their language skills, given that university coursework is taught in both languages. French classes can be undertaken through most universities and IELTS for English are made available to students who may require assistance.

Employment Opportunities

International students in Canada are provided with the opportunity to work every week for up to 20 hours, during their semesters. Full time work is also an option during the winter and summer breaks. A work permit is not required to work on campus because the study permit suffices in terms of assisting you in your search for a part time job.

Ease of Citizenship

Obtaining permanent citizenship in Canada after having studied as an international student is not a complicated process. In fact, there are two options available when making the transition from student to citizen. You can either apply through the federal skilled worker program or through the Canadian workforce.

Advanced Facilities

Universities in Canada are often associated with extremely advanced technology and resources. This is because it is believed that Canada was the first country to connect its libraries and universities to the internet. These facilities therefore enrich the quality of your education, by guaranteeing that you study in an environment that is nothing short of the best.

To conclude, it is evident that Canada provides international students with various benefits, thereby showcasing why it is one of the best countries to study abroad in. If you are in need of further assistance you can contact IMM Consults, one of Dubai’s most efficient immigration consultants.

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