Discover Canada Chef, Cooks, Pasty & Baker and Fast-Food Service Worker Immigration Porgram

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Work Permit or Work Visa

Immigration pathways for Chefs

A Canadian work permit or work visa is a temporary visa. And allows Chefs, Cooks, Bakers, Restaurant / Fast Food Supervisors and Managers to work and live in Canada temporarily. To apply for a work permit for the above Occupations in Canada you must meet the eligibility terms for the Work Permit category you are applying to. In addition, your profile must match the following terms:

  • Firstly, have a minimum of 2- 3 years of highly related work experience.
  • Secondly, have a minimum education level of secondary school and a Diploma in the same profile would be an advantage.
  • Also, the age bar must be below 53.
  • Have an LMIA approved job offer from a Canadian employer.
  • Besides, you must be proficient in the English language.
  • Have a minimum of 5.0 IELTS band.
Work in Canada

The QSR or in other words Fast Food Workers program in Canada

In response to Canada’s foodservice labour shortage, Fast food chains and Restaurants in Canada is calling on the government to implement a strategy on the national level that would help bring potential restaurant labour from abroad.

The entire industry was facing a labour shortage, even before the pandemic. According to a recent report from Statistics Canada, job vacancies for the food service industry has since doubled. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 68,000 vacant foodservice jobs. The recent ( Aug 2023), reports show there are currently 130,000 vacancies.

There are numerous reasons why many workers immigrate to Canada as food service supervisors. However, a food service supervisor has recently been categorized as high in-demand job in Canada. This is again due to the impact of post COVID-19. 

The Quick Service Restaurant or the foodservice industry in Canada is considered as one of the most flourishing and dynamic industries. Owing to the great demand of Restaurant Supervisors and Managers, the job profile is one of the most popular employment opportunities in National Occupation Code (NOC) list. The Quick Service Restaurants or QSR are a rage among residents of Canada. The inclusive and immigrant-friendly society of Canada would love to explore various food items from other countries. The growing demand of diverse food items and inclination of people towards several delicacies gives boost to hospitality industry, particularly QSR, restaurant chains as well as food and beverage industry in Canada. The country requires Food Service Workers who are able to manage daily operations in QSR smoothly, greet and serve customers in a pleasant manner as well as satisfy taste buds of food lovers.

Therefore, many workers, especially foreign workers qualified to work as food service supervisors, are immigrating to Canada. Furthermore, Canada has one of the lowest living costs among the world’s developed nations. As a result, many foreign workers, including food service supervisors, want to immigrate to Canada to enjoy this. 

Work in Canada

Jobs you can use to immigrate to Canada as a food service supervisor

As a food service worker in Canada, you can do any of the jobs below. What It means is that you can immigrate to Canada as a food service supervisor if you do any of these jobs. They include:

However, before you can immigrate to Canada as a food service supervisor, you must meet the requirements to work in Canada as one.

Eligibility criteria to get Fast Food Service Supervisor or Restaurant Manager jobs in Canada from UAE. Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, Oman, Kuwait, Philippines, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The Canada Immigration process requires constant steps of documentation, liaison and co-ordination with authorities. Immigration aspirants must fulfill all eligibility criteria to secure Food Worker jobs in Canada. Candidates should meet below-mentioned criteria to secure Canada immigration visa in hassle-free manner —

  • Work experience of two years in Supervisory / Managerial role
  • Academic credentials – Senior Secondary Education (Class 12)
  • Valid Diploma program in food service administration, hotel and restaurant management, or a related discipline.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5: Reading – 4 band, Listening – 5 band, Speaking – 5 band and Writing – 5 band
  • Good medical condition
  • Police Clearance Certificate from all countries wherever applicant stayed for at least 12 months
    since age of 18 years(required for documentation)
  • Sufficient funds

The final step is to move to Canada and start working. First, however, it would help if you collected your work permit since it is the only document that will allow you to work in Canada as a foreigner.

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