All you need to know on Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Discover the Canada Provincial Nomination Program for immigration to a specific province or territory. Gain a faster route to permanent residency. Find out about eligibility requirements and benefits.

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) permits Canadian provinces and territories to nominate immigrants who want to settle in a particular province or territory. It is a crucial route for talented employees, entrepreneurs, and investors to obtain permanent residence in Canada and contribute to the country’s economic growth. Each province has its own set of selection and nomination rules and criteria.

Participating Regions

Nominations are based on criteria, and each region has its own “streams” of nominations. In a program stream, for instance, one region may want experience in a certain occupation or status, such as business professionals, skilled employees, semi-skilled workers, or students. Another may prioritize immigrants who speak French, the second most popular language in Canada. Immigrants must satisfy the relevant requirements and show that they can actively and positively contribute to the local economy and society in order to qualify.

For a province or territory to nominate you, you must follow the rules on their websites and get in touch with them directly. Keep in mind that the requirements for any province or territory are subject to change without prior notice.

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