Top 7 Reasons Dubai Expats Should Choose Canada for Better Health and Well-being

Dubai is the proud home of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and is known for its thriving nightlife, innovative and ambitious architecture, and luxury shopping. But being constantly surrounded by the cosmopolitan lifestyle and living amidst the never-ending rush can be quite overwhelming and tiring. In addition, the cost of living in Dubai is not very kind on your wallets and savings either. The financial and emotional toll Dubai could take on someone could leave them longing for a varied and healthier-paced lifestyle.

Enter Canada- a vast and diverse nation, that has options galore. Because of its size, one is guaranteed to find a city/neighborhood that they really like. Its multicultural ethos, beautiful landscape, and commitment to social welfare make it a compelling destination for those contemplating a change of scenery. Additionally, the cost of living in Dubai vs Canada is something to consider as well. Certain Canadian cities are much cheaper than Dubai. For example, Dubai is 12% more expensive than Montreal.

If you are currently living in the bustling city of Dubai and looking to leave the country, this article is just for you. Here are seven compelling reasons why Dubai expats should consider Canada for a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle:

  1. Best in Terms of Quality of Life:

Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices. According to the 2023 World Happiness Report, Canada ranks 13th in the world, while UAE ranks 24th. Unlike Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyle and soaring temperatures, Canada offers a more relaxed pace, cleaner air, and vast natural landscapes. In the recent edition of the OECD’s Better Life Index, Canada outperformed the average in many dimensions, including life satisfaction and social connections. If this doesn’t convince you yet, the US News & World Report ranked Canada third in Quality of Life and #2 in Best Countries Overall.

  1. Canada’s Universal Healthcare System:

If you are an expat in Dubai, you will receive basic medical insurance, which is not free and has limited coverage. However, in Canada, one will have access to universal healthcare coverage. From doctor visits, hospital care, and prescription medication, all for free. The healthcare system ensures that Canadian citizens and other qualified individuals receive the medical treatment they need without having to worry about the ability to pay. In Canada, the healthcare system helps promote social equity and ensures that healthcare is not only for the wealthy.

  1. Strong Support Systems for Mental Health:

Mental health awareness and support systems are integral components of Canada’s healthcare framework. The Canadian Health Care Policy states its primary objective to be “…to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada…”, indicating the importance mental health plays in society. Compared to UAE, Canada’s health sector is more developed, offers a range of resources, including counselling, therapy, and support groups, and does not have a stigma attached to it.

  1. Safe and Secure Environment for Immigrants (Low Crime Rate):

Safety and security are important considerations for expatriates seeking to relocate. Canada boasts a reputation for safety, with low crime rates compared to many cities worldwide, including Dubai. This sense of security contributes to a stress-free living environment, allowing expats to focus on their personal and professional endeavours.

  1. Canada Emphasizes Work-Life Balance:

Many companies in the UAE have adopted a 9-hour work day and are known for their competitive and results-driven work culture. Work-life balance can be challenging to achieve in Dubai as the emphasis on productivity and efficiency can lead to a high-stress work environment and hinder it. In comparison, Canada ranks No.9 among the top 10 countries with the best work-life balance, according to a report by Remote Technology Inc. This report assessed minimum wage, sick leave, maternity leave, healthcare availability, public happiness, average working hours, etc.

  1. Climate Variations and Pristine Environment:

Canada’s diverse climate offers a refreshing change for Dubai expats accustomed to year-round heat. From the snow-capped mountains of British Columbia to the picturesque coastlines of Nova Scotia, Canada’s varied landscapes provide new experiences and unique adventures throughout the seasons.

  1. Warm and Hospitable People:

Canada is renowned for its multiculturalism and hospitality and prides itself in encouraging all of their citizens to honour their own cultures. Known as a melting pot, Canada adopted a national policy of multiculturalism, which ensures that no matter where you are from, your culture and identity will be recognized.

In conclusion, Canada presents a compelling alternative for Dubai expats seeking to prioritize their health, well-being, and overall quality of life. From its universal healthcare system to its emphasis on work-life balance and breathtaking natural surroundings, Canada offers a holistic approach to living that resonates with individuals and families alike. By choosing Canada, Dubai expats can embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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