Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Consultant for Canada

The process of immigrating to Canada from Dubai is a complex one. Ranging from deadlines to complicated terminology and countless paperwork, it is quite safe to say that the process as a whole can cause an immense deal of stress. This is why Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) can be of great assistance.

RCICs are organisations with the ability and capacity to guide clients through immigration procedures. There are various ways in which this can be achieved, some of which are explained below. Keep on reading to learn why it would be a good idea to make use of the best immigration consultants in Dubai when immigrating to Canada.

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Easier Documentation Process

The tiniest of errors in terms of paperwork is all it takes to set back your immigration process. An immigration consultant can prevent this from happening by taking care of all the documentation for you, as the Canadian government authorises RCICs to do so. This will save you a great deal of time as you can leave most of the paperwork to be dealt with by the immigration consultant, thereby enabling you to focus on other areas of the process that may require more of your attention.

Stay Up to Date

It is important to remember that the rules and regulations of immigration constantly change over time. Keeping track of these regulations each and every single time they are updated can be a tedious task, especially if an alteration to the rules occurs during your application process. It is therefore wise to utilise the services provided by RCICs because they can easily keep you updated whenever any changes take place so that you can adapt to the situation if necessary.

Quick Immigration

Immigration consultants are extremely experienced in their line of work and thus know how to move through the different stages of the process in such a way that it is time-efficient. This ultimately gives way to comparatively quicker immigration, as opposed to the time it would have taken you if you had handled the process all by yourself.


There is always the possibility of making an error when applying for immigration without the guidance of an RCIC. For instance, you may accidentally apply under the wrong category or get confused by the terminology and wording of the application form. These are all errors that can ultimately incur financial costs, by lengthening the processing times. These mistakes will be prevented from occurring when you go through an immigration consultant, thereby saving you from the burden of unnecessary additional costs.


The standards upheld in the profession of immigration consultancy are very high. This is simply because the ability to keep track of immigration rules is one that cannot afford to fluctuate in its efficiency. Therefore, going through a licensed immigration consultant automatically ensures that you are in the care of certified professionals who will provide you with an experience that is genuine and trustworthy in nature.

To conclude, it is clear that you will be better off hiring an immigration consultant when immigrating to Canada. By doing so, you will successfully be able to save valuable time, effort and money.

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