How to Migrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker

Did you know that Canada is the first country in the world to have initiated an objective points system for skilled immigrants? This was achieved through the Federal Skilled Worker Program in 1967, which focuses more on objective factors like education and age when selecting immigrants, as opposed to subjective factors such as country of origin.

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In addition to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canada also goes to the extent of providing skilled workers with a variety of different programs to choose from, with each program catering to workers with different strengths. These include the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Provincial Nominees Program and Canadian Experience Class. The program you choose to apply under will simply depend on what suits you best. This highlights the ease with which you can migrate to Canada from Dubai as a skilled worker, due to the many options made available. However, it is advisable to obtain the assistance of immigration consultants for Canada in Dubai. This is because immigration consultants such as IMM Consults ensure that you apply under the appropriate program and will guide you throughout the entire process. Listed below are the programs with which you can migrate to Canada as a skilled worker.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program specifically targets skilled workers who are interested in permanently immigrating to Canada. The minimum requirements include education, skilled work experience and language ability. Upon meeting all the minimum requirements, your application will then be assessed based on additional factors such as adaptability, age and valid job offers. This selection process is such that you are awarded points for how well you perform under each category, with a total of 67 points being the current pass mark.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

This particular program is for skilled workers who intend on utilising their qualifications in a skilled trade to become permanent residents in Canada. The minimum requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades Program include a job offer, a minimum of two years working experience in a skilled trade, meeting the skilled trade job requirements as outlined in the National Occupation Classification and satisfying the necessary language levels for writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

PNPs are for workers who want to become permanent residents in Canada and possess the education, skills and work experience that contribute to the economy of a province along with the intention to live in that particular territory. It is important to note that the requirements vary amongst each province, as each area targets a different group of individuals. For example, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) targets trades such as transport truck drivers and administrative officers. The eligible occupations for BC PNP Tech on the other hand range from web designers to chemical engineers. Prior to your application, you will have to get a police check and pass a medical exam. The process under which you apply will depend on which PNP stream you are applying to. The two different processes are the paper-based and Express Entry processes.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class program is aimed at skilled workers who possess Canadian work experience. The minimum requirements for this program include at least one year of skilled Canadian work experience, obtaining work experience in Canada whilst under the status of temporary resident, and meeting the required language levels for reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will not be eligible for Canadian Experience Class if you have been working without authorisation or obtained your work experience without temporary resident status in Canada. Refugee claimants are not eligible for this program.

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